Sellers Info

Reasons to Consider an Auction

Lower Commissions:  We charge 2% commission to sell real estate at auction.  Sellers pay advertising, brochure costs, and a nominal attorney fee to present the agreement at the auction.  


You Set the Terms:  Our real estate auction contracts are contingency free agreements. There are no mortgage or property inspection clauses to worry about.  When it’s sold at auction, it’s sold, or you keep the deposit, less expenses.


Settlement When You Want It:  You determine the settlement date, not the buyer.  This makes it easier to make moving plans.


Transfer Tax Savings:  Because the seller sets the terms, our auction contracts state that buyers pay all realty transfer taxes, a 1% savings in most cases.


Potential Higher Prices:  In this sellers market, property prices many times soar above seller’s expectations using the competitive bidding process.


Meet Fiduciary Responsibility:  Court officers, executors and other fiduciaries favor the auction method because of its objectivity and fairness. Being an arm’s length transaction that achieves the fair market value, the auction method of sale supports a fiduciary’s responsibility.


Honest Opinions:  If we don’t think your property is best suited for the auction method, we’ll tell you up front.  Our success is based on selling your property, not wasting your time. 


Experience Counts:  With over 30 years experience in the real estate business, you can expect reliable service and sound advice.


Our Business Is Not a Sideline:  We offer full time office hours and handle appointments 7 days a week, unlike many part time auctioneers.


Superior Marketing: From quality color brochures, professional signage, and internet exposure, our marketing programs showcase your property to many potential buyers looking in the area. 


No Deposit Required:  We will prepay all advertising and brochure costs prior to the auction, which you can reimburse us for after the auction.

Cost Comparison

Auction Method versus Conventional Brokerage

Based on sale price of $300,000.00





(6%)  $18,000.00

(2%)  $6,000.00

Transfer Tax



Advertising Expense Estimate






Title Co. Disbursement Fee



Attorney Fee



Estimated Cost of Sale









In this example the cost savings are $11,400.00